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United States Air Force Awards Pacific Propeller International Exclusive $74M 54H60 Series Propeller Overhaul Contract Through Foreign Military Sales Program

KENT,WASHINGTON -JULY 24, 2023 The United States Air Force has awarded Pacific Propeller International (PPI) a sole-source five-year $74 million dollar repair and overhaul contract supporting foreign militaries operating the Lockheed C-130 with 54H60 propeller and components. For decades, global C-130 operators have used the tough, reliable 54H60 Hamilton Standard propeller system in a wide range of operating environments.

The effort will provide overhaul repair capability for the United States Air Force (USAF) and multiple Foreign Military Sales (FMS) customers throughout the world by establishing a worldwide solution to accomplish depot-level maintenance (OLM), consisting of, but not limited to, inspection/repair/overhaul/transportation and modification of 54H60 Series Propellers, Propeller Blades, and Integrated Oil Control (IOC), including applicable Safety of Flight (SoF) modification, and Time Compliance Technical Orders (TCTOs).

With 50+ years’ experience maintaining this propeller, PPI was selected as the MRO industry leader already well-established internationally with the C-130 community.   “This dynamic new FMS maintenance channel efficiently provides operators a smooth link to our experienced, technical experts, dedicated support team and state-of-the-art facility and equipment,” states Jeff Heikke, PPI and business group CEO.  “Our goal was to incorporate new, stringent technical and inspection standards while improving throughput and turn time for our customers.”

Although the program is primarily focused on Foreign Military Sales, the USAF has the option to utilize the PPI contract for MRO services supporting urgent or overflow requirements for the U.S. military C-130 fleet.

Buddy Tobin, PPl’s Vice President Sales, knows dearly the customers’ needs and recognizes the solutions and value this contract provides.  “We understand military fleet readiness is the highest priority. As the premiere MRO facility for 54H60 propeller services, our reputation delivering safe, high-quality props, and having the resources, assets, and production to back it up were essential during preparation and negotiation.” PPl’s international reputation was built on strong relationships and face-to-face discussions. “Our team is ready to meet with each FMS Country Manager and operator directly.” adds Buddy Tobin.

“Having unmatched MRO services and the most efficient delivery turn times of propeller systems in the industry, with two complete production lines, is not only a function of capacity and productivity, but it also relies on having the necessary parts and components on-hand,” says Jared Flynn, PPl’s General Manager. “Our team has done a fantastic job of preparing for the workflow, and a 54H60 parts inventory second to none. Sourcing challenges had to be resolved and we did just that. We are ready.”

United States Air Force FMS Awards PPITS Strategic Prop Shop Contract

AUBURN, WASHINGTON December 15, 2022 – The United States Air Force has awarded PPI Technical Services (PPITS) a strategically important, long-term contract to develop and establish a turnkey maintenance and repair back shop for the Philippine Air Force’s (PAF) C-130 Aircraft. The shop’s purpose is to provide the Philippine Air Force with sufficient equipment and technical know-how to repair the propellers of its C-130 fleet, providing mission readiness in a critical region of the world. This effort underscores the importance of the relationship between the U.S. and the Philippines. “We are once again pleased to be the chosen company to provide such important back shop capabilities to such an important U.S. Ally. This selection underscores the U.S. Government’s confidence in PPITS.” Said George Canovas, Chief Compliance Officer (CCO) of Precision Aerospace Products, PPITS’ Parent Company.

The Philippines Air Force has taken a forward-leaning approach to maintain its air fleet, with the support of the U.S. Air Force and PPITS. In support of the Philippines’ efforts, PPITS has been tasked to provide a comprehensive C-130 propeller facility to include in-depth training of its technicians. The PPITS contract is groundbreaking as it has been established to ensure the long-term sustainability of the transferred capabilities and equipment. To this end, PPITS has been contracted for multiple years and will continue fully supporting the PAF as a long-term strategic partner, ensuring the highest technical capabilities and the latest equipment. PPITS will also provide its proprietary KIAN MRO (Maintenance Repair and Overhaul) software to ensure the long-term consistency and management of every propeller serviced through its back shop.

A few of the specific capabilities the back shop will have once completed are elements of the complete C-130 Hercules propulsion system. These include hydraulic testing, metallurgical non-destructive testing, propeller blade plating, propeller blade maintenance, and full system assembly and installation. The USAF selected PPITS for its expertise in setting up similar shops for U.S. partner nations across the globe. PPITS has demonstrated tremendous cost efficiency and unmatched training success with the technical knowledge of the C-130 propeller system that is necessary and required. PPITS is known worldwide as the go-to source for large propeller technical services, training, and back shop setup.  The PAF maintenance and repair facility will be staffed primarily by PAF technicians. PPITS will have several representatives and technical experts working alongside PAF technicians, supporting them 24 x 7 for the duration of the contract. This contract is also expected to create new technical jobs and opportunities utilizing the most up-to-date systems and training on the C-130 propeller system.  Historically, the PAF has had limited maintenance capabilities for its C-130 fleet propellers. As a result, the PAF has had limited ability to effectively maintain their C-130 propellers and gain the complete operational cycles typically achieved in situations with sound ongoing maintenance practices and resources. The contract awarded to PPITS will ensure that the challenges seen by PAF in the past are corrected.

PPITS has undertaken similar projects and is ready to get this one launched,” said Rusty Von Querner,
Director of Operations at PPITS. “We have built a strong relationship with the PAF over many years and
understand the PAF’s needs. We also understand the complexities of ensuring this and other back shop
remain current and have developed a long-term sustainability program as part of this effort,” said
George Canovas.

For more information, please contact PPI Technical Services [email protected] or
[email protected], call +1.253.872.7767 or visit our website

Precision Aerospace Products, LLC Signs Agreement with Philippine Aerospace Development Corporation for Future Project Collaborations

Bellevue, Washington based Precision Aerospace Products has decades long relationship with Philippine Air Force as a primary aircraft maintenance contractor. Offering its aerospace maintenance and overhaul expertise to assist US partner nation company with its growing needs.

Bellevue, Washington December 15, 2022 – Precision Aerospace Products, LLC (PAP) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) agreement with Philippine Aerospace Development Corporation (PADC) to create a collaborative relationship between the two companies that combines their respective areas of expertise for potential military and civilian aviation and aerospace projects. PAP is the parent company to two aerospace maintenance and repair companies: Kent, Washington based Pacific Propeller International and Fort Worth, Texas based C&S Propeller. PAP also owns Pacific Propeller International Technical Services (PPITS). PPITS specializes in providing aerospace capabilities through the establishment of maintenance repair and overhaul facilities as well as training and equipment sourcing. PAP companies have provided maintenance and repair along with training services to the Philippine Air Force for many years.

The Philippine Aerospace Development Corporation (PADC) was established in 1973 as the government’s arm for the development of the Philippine aviation industry. The driving motives for its establishment are self-reliance, national security and technology transfer.

With the agreement now in place, the two companies can offer a broader and higher level of aerospace maintenance, repair and overhaul capabilities within the Philippine nation. With such a deep technical knowledge base and experience now in place, the scope of project opportunities for the new entity are significant.

The Precision Aerospace Products companies are known worldwide for their unmatched expertise in the area of aircraft propulsion and large propeller systems. This knowledge and support can be used throughout both Philippine’s military and civilian general aviation communities, both fixed wing and rotor aircraft. The Philippine nation’s military has extensive operations using large transport aircraft such as the Lockheed C-130 Hercules. The country also utilizes a large fleet of helicopter aircraft such as the Sikorsky UH-60 Black Hawk.

PPI Technical Services (PPITS) helps establish maintenance repair and overhaul facilities as well as training and equipment sourcing. With economic growth and demand for Philippine products and services increasing (both military and civilian) PPITS sees opportunity with PADC. Building out, staffing and training aviation maintenance facilities will be increasing in demand.

George Canovas, Chief Compliance Officer for Pacific Propeller International led the agreement effort and negotiated for Precision Aerospace Products. “We’re all proud of the result this Memorandum of Understanding brings to PAP and its subsidiaries. We’re also grateful to PADC in having the entrepreneurial vision and confidence in our team to make this happen. Between our two organizations, the scope of our capabilities and level of aerospace maintenance, repair and overhaul knowledge is certainly significant and hard to beat. We look forward to what the future holds for us.”

Visit and for more information about both

Pacific Propeller International, LLC – Leading and Not Following

March 3, 2022

Kent, WashingtonPacific Propeller International, LLC (PPI) – Standing ready to assist, PPI is poised and actively assisting humanitarian and other efforts in the Ukraine conflict by delivering urgently needed C-130 propellers. The C-130 Hercules is a heavy lift aircraft capable of delivering food, humanitarian and medical supplies in the harshest of conditions and locations. Our products may be only propellers, but our mission is to support our US DOD and its NATO allies.

“Knowing PPI can deliver, we have again been asked to be a close participant in an active conflict. Confidence in PPI’s quality and unsurpassed mission readiness has propelled PPI on to the front lines. Supported by the US government, PPI is addressing the urgent and immediate needs of our allies by returning overhauled propellers to service in as little as two weeks. This is truly a groundbreaking effort and one we take seriously. We have overcome parts shortages and demonstrated to the world that we cannot be stopped. At our core, in our DNA and our corporate mission, we are about Knowledge, Relationships, and Solutions.” Said Jeff Heikke, CEO of Precision Aerospace Products and Pacific Propeller International.

“Our role in this endeavor is to rapidly deploy a critical component of the C-130 Hercules to provide crucial lifesaving and other support to the people of Ukraine and support the mission of our allies. We see a humanitarian catastrophe unfolding, PPI has not missed a beat and has been working around the clock to provide unequaled services in support of this global effort.” Said George Canovas, Corporate CCO and Executive Vice President of PPI-Technical Services.

“PPI has garnered a global reputation as a center of excellence in the world of C-130 propeller repairs and overhauls. Our tradition has always been to overcome adversity and meet challenges head-on. From the operational level, we have bolstered our operations to meet a challenge as we are seeing today. With the addition of new internal engineering support and an eager workforce, we continue to be the best company in the industry.” Said Jared Flynn, General Manager, PPI.

Visit for more information on PPI and for more information about the Pacific Aerospace Product group.

Pacific Propeller International, LLC (PPI) – Upgrades its internal Engineering Capabilities

March 3, 2022

Bellevue, Washington – PPI and C&S Propeller, members of the Precision Aerospace Products (PAP) group of companies, are meeting the challenges of its expansive growth by partnering with International Aviation Composites (IAC) in Fort Worth, Texas, merging IAC’s and PAP’s deep core of innovative and advanced engineering teams.

In October 2021, IAC and PAP signed a Strategic Teaming Agreement focused on expanding PAP’s core business in propeller blade overhauls and repairs. The association with IAC has opened the door to meet PPI’s strategic growth initiatives and now includes cutting-edge rotor aircraft blade repairs and engineering support. PAP has capitalized on the opportunity to build upon its core knowledge with over 100 years of cumulative engineering experience by expanding into a similar market. The PAP/IAC strategic partnership opens the doors to a new line of blade repairs and brings together two of the industry’s most renowned engineering groups. Both companies have an extensive history in propeller and rotor blade repairs.

Jeff Heikke, CEO of PPI and the Precision Aerospace group of companies, stated: “PPI is already recognized as a cutting edge engineering powerhouse, having been the first to engineer a solution for the new and complex requirements under T.O. 3H1-18-3 Rev 0. PPI continues to focus on being the first to engineer solutions and new approaches to extending the life of C-130 and P3 propeller systems. At our core, in our DNA, and as our corporate mission, we are about “Knowledge, Relationships and Solutions.” We are proud to announce IAC’s integration into our engineering team, underscoring our long-term objectives and mission.”

IAC is recognized as a disruptive growth leader in the rotor blade market, paying dividends. “We are at the center of leading-edge technology in the rotor blade market with unparalleled solutions in our industry.” Said Randy Steven, CEO of IAC. “We are poised and eager to assist and continue our reputation as a market disruptor by applying new solutions and innovations in the propeller and rotor blade industry.”

“The partnering of PAP and IAC is just the beginning. PAP will continue to lead in engineering innovations well into the future.” George Canovas, Corporate CCO and Executive Vice President of PPI-Technical Services.
With the addition of IAC’s engineering group, the transformation of the PAP Group of Companies has hit another milestone – conceived and executed in a deliberate and precise manner. This is just the beginning. Stay tuned, there is more to come.

Visit Pacific Propeller International LLC , International Aviation Composites Ltd.  and Precision Aerospace Products for more information about the Precision Aerospace Products group.

PPI is Proud to Announce the Promotion of a New General Manager

Precision Aerospace Products is proud to announce that Jared Flynn will be taking over as General Manager of Pacific Propeller International LLC (PPI) effective August 9, 2021. Mr. Flynn brings a wealth of technical knowledge and experience dealing directly with the P3 and C-130. While with the U.S. Navy, Mr. Flynn was an FMS Instructor Flight engineer with 2,500 flight hours, while holding numerous maintenance and quality roles.  He also earned his FAA A&P Mechanic’s license. Mr. Flynn concluded his service in 2012 with the U.S. Navy, he went on to graduate with honors while earning his Bachelor of Science in Aeronautics and with Masters of Business Administration in Aviation with Distinction from Embry Riddle Aeronautical University.  

Mr. Flynn will be serving as the General Manager. This position reports directly to the Mr. Jeff Heikke, CEO, and is responsible for leading and managing our repair station. Mr. Flynn will communicate directly with shareholders and customers keeping them apprised PPI’s growth and our business operations going forward.  He will also continue lead PPI ensuring our customer obligations are achieved and exceeded. 

PAP would also like to recognize Mr. Tim Gellerson, who will be departing PAP effective August 20, 2021. We greatly appreciate the leadership provided by Mr. Gellerson and wish him success in his forward endeavors. 

Rep. Smith Visits Pacific Propeller International Facility in Kent

May 10, 2021

KENT, WA – Today, Representative Adam Smith (D-Wash.), Chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, visited Pacific Propeller International’s facility in Kent, Washington.

“I had the pleasure of visiting Pacific Propeller International’s facility today in Kent to see firsthand how they plan to fabricate and manufacture propellers and parts for aircraft including C-130s and P3s,” said Rep. Adam Smith. “I want to thank the employees and those who are also former servicemembers for their continued support on such important platforms that ensure the safety, efficacy, and readiness of our military operations. It is crucial that we also work to bring more production back to the U.S. to create good American jobs and support the union workers who continue to elevate the standard of what it means to be ‘American made.’ I will continue to work with the Biden-Harris Administration to support domestic production, build back the economy, and ultimately keep our men in women in uniform safe.”

“On behalf of the Pacific Propeller team members, thank you for visiting PPI today,” said Jeff Heikke, CEO of Precision Aerospace Products. “With 70 years of proud tradition servicing our US military, foreign allies, and the commercial aerospace industry, we are honored that you are joining us at this critical time as we look to expand our manufacturing in the US to support our military customers domestically and overseas. We appreciate your time and interest.”

“We are honored to be represented by Congressman Adam Smith and appreciate his visit to our facility, Pacific Propeller International in Kent, Washington this week,” said George (Jorge) Canovas, Chief Compliance Officer, Strategic Global Relations, of Precision Aerospace Products. “His concerns for the wellbeing of our Country, business, our workers, and specifically his interest in bringing back jobs to the U.S.A. and Washington State, underscore his commitment to each citizen of this great Country and State.”

Pacific Propeller International Earns the only OEM Licensed 54H60 MRO ‘Approved Source’ Status From US Air Force for New 54H60 Propeller Overhaul Technical Order Requirements

US Air Force Technical Order 3H1-18-3 Change 35, Supplement 9 contains the latest inspection, overhaul and repair  requirements for the Hamilton Standard 54H60 Propeller Kent WA – November 12, 2020 Pacific Propeller international (PPI), a member of the Precision Aerospace Products (PAP) Group, has been given status as the only approved source globally for ongoing overhaul processes to the Hamilton Standard 54H60 propeller. The award comes after a very lengthy effort by PPI to successfully achieve more stringent Air Force overhaul requirements to the 54H60 propeller. 54H60 propellers are used on the C-130 Hercules and P-3 Orion aircraft, which are part of the US strategic arsenal and also heavily relied upon by US allies, commercial and international military operators.

The new overhaul requirements are the result of a 2017 crash that involved a US Marine KC-130T. It was determined corrosion in a propeller blade shank caused cracking which ultimately caused the blade to depart the aircraft inflight killing 16.

In its decision, the USAF recognized not only has PPI invested substantial capital along with engineering  and a state-of-the-art patented machining processes; but has more capability and capacity than other 54H60 approved propeller MROs worldwide.

This successful development by PPI will provide immediate relief to US military and international
customers that have been waiting for a resolution to return props to service for nearly three years. COO
and President, Tim Gellerson, commented on PPI’s approved source status, “I am very proud of the PPI
team. They were given a very challenging assignment that they implemented with great determination
and success. We are thankful the USAF and Collins went to such lengths to ensure the safety and continued operation of their C-130 assets. PPI was the first MRO to achieve the requirements. As such, we are the only facility in the world approved for the highly technical overhaul process.”

Recognition by the USAF is good news for military and civilian operators of C-130 and P-3 aircraft
globally. “Clearly, PPI’s technical dominance in cutting edge repair and overhaul techniques with its
impeccable record of success will provide US and international users of the C-130 and P-3 platforms with
the confidence that PPI will quickly deliver backlogged 54H60 propellers and get their planes back in the
air,” stated Jeff Heikke, CEO of Precision Aerospace Products.

Visit for more information on PPI and the Precision Aerospace Products Group.


PPI Announces MRO Expansion into C-130 Brakes

Pacific Propeller International, LLC Adds to MRO Capability
C-130 Hercules Brake System Repair and Overhaul

As the global leader in C-130 propulsion MRO, Pacific Propeller International (PPI) now offers
operators expanded value added services with Hercules brake system repair and overhaul.

Kent WA – March 1, 2020 With nearly six decades of experience working with the venerable Lockheed C-130 Hercules airframe, PPI is expanding its capabilities to include repair and overhaul services to the Hercules braking system from its 64,000 square foot facility in Washington state.

This MRO expansion creates immediate value to existing PPI customers by simplifying the need to source multiple vendors. PPI’s vast experience and renowned technical knowledge of the C-130 airframe offers immediate confidence and trust for operators in need of brake repair and overhaul.

Jeff Otterstetter, PPI’s Director of Business Development, sees this new direction for PPI as something C-130 operators will immediately find of value; both with time savings to fleet operations and improved readiness, but also a more efficient process in dealing with a single known MRO expert  for multiple Hercules systems. “PPI is rapidly taking its strong aviation maintenance service history and expanding to provide our valued C-130 customers with more repair operations to keep their C-130 aircraft in service,” he says.

Buddy Tobin, PPI’s Vice President Sales, saw a need in the C-130 community for more MRO capacity.  “PPI approached this expansion with vigor and safety in the forefront of our minds. Our global business team consistently seeks out challenges to the C-130 market, and brakes were one of those operator challenges we have tackled. Operators demand quality, safety, and quick turnaround when selecting service providers for their equipment. PPI provides that and more.”

Since 1946, military and commercial operators around the world have relied on Pacific Propeller and its sister company, PPI Technical Services, as the leading provider of C-130 propulsion knowledge, repair and overhaul. Now these customers can trust PPI for the same level of quality, workmanship and rapid turnaround times for their aircrafts’ braking systems.

For further information, please contact PPI at 253-872-7767 or

About Pacific Propeller International

Since 1946, Pacific Propeller International (PPI) has been providing global repair and overhaul services to regional aircraft, as well as many of the world’s military operators of large transport propeller aircraft. Today, PPI is respected worldwide as an industry leader among customers and competitors alike.
PPI provides customers with repair and overhaul in its 64,000-square foot facility in Kent, Washington USA. Employing the most experienced propulsion professionals, PPI customers can rely and count on the decades of knowledge only experience offers from respected engineers and technicians

Pacific Propeller International is selected as Dowty Propellers’ Authorized Repair and Overhaul Facility for CASA 212, Jetstream 31, and Metro/Merlin propellers

Gloucester, England – Dowty Propellers today announced an agreement establishing Pacific Propeller International (PPI) as a Dowty authorized repair and overhaul facility for Dowty’s metal-bladed propellers installed on the CASA 212 (R334), Jetstream 31(R333), Merlin (R324) and Metro/Merlin aircraft (R321).

Under the terms of this agreement, Dowty Propellers will provide training, technical data, equipment and support to assist in establishing new repair and overhaul capability. Additionally, Dowty Propellers will provide ongoing engineering and technical assistance, as well as perform specialized repair processes to support PPI’s ongoing maintenance operations.

“PPI’s repair and overhaul expertise ensures high-quality OEM-backed maintenance services to customers operating and maintaining Dowty Propellers’ metal propellers,” stated Henry Johnston, the Services Executive for Dowty Propellers. “This will enable Dowty Propellers’ own repair and overhaul facilities to focus their efforts and know-how on our composite blade propellers. PPI has been repairing metal blade propellers for decades, and we are confident its expertise in servicing and supporting operators with these propeller types will be of great benefit to customers.”

Tim Gellerson, the President of PPI’s Aerospace Group, added: “I thank Dowty Propellers for this opportunity. We look forward to a great partnership and maintaining the excellent customer service that both of our companies currently provide.”

About Dowty Propellers

As a leader in the development, manufacture and support of electronically controlled, all-composite propeller systems, Dowty Propellers provides solutions for the propulsion needs of today and tomorrow. Its products are used in applications that range from commercial airliners and military airlifters to multi-role seaplanes and marine hovercraft.

With a proven record of product development, introduction and support, Dowty Propellers continually invests in technologies, production capabilities and human resources – resulting in propeller systems that are safe, efficient and reliable. Its history of firsts-to-market includes the all-composite propeller blade and full-authority digital propeller control. More than 23,000 advanced composite blades have been delivered to date by Dowty Propellers, with the lead blade logging over 45,000 hours of flight time.

About Pacific Propeller International (

Since 1946, Pacific Propeller International has been providing global repair and overhaul services to regional aircraft, as well as many of the world’s military operators of large transport propeller aircraft. Today, PPI is respected worldwide as an industry leader among customers and competitors alike.

PPI provides customers with repair and overhaul in its 64,000-square foot facility in Kent, Washington. USA. Employing the most experienced propulsion professionals, PPI customers can rely and count on the decades of knowledge only experience offers from respected engineers and technicians.



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