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United States Air Force FMS Awards PPITS Strategic Prop Shop Contract

AUBURN, WASHINGTON December 15, 2022 – The United States Air Force has awarded PPI Technical Services (PPITS) a strategically important, long-term contract to develop and establish a turnkey maintenance and repair back shop for the Philippine Air Force’s (PAF) C-130 Aircraft. The shop’s purpose is to provide the Philippine Air Force with sufficient equipment and technical know-how to repair the propellers of its C-130 fleet, providing mission readiness in a critical region of the world. This effort underscores the importance of the relationship between the U.S. and the Philippines. “We are once again pleased to be the chosen company to provide such important back shop capabilities to such an important U.S. Ally. This selection underscores the U.S. Government’s confidence in PPITS.” Said George Canovas, Chief Compliance Officer (CCO) of Precision Aerospace Products, PPITS’ Parent Company.

The Philippines Air Force has taken a forward-leaning approach to maintain its air fleet, with the support of the U.S. Air Force and PPITS. In support of the Philippines’ efforts, PPITS has been tasked to provide a comprehensive C-130 propeller facility to include in-depth training of its technicians. The PPITS contract is groundbreaking as it has been established to ensure the long-term sustainability of the transferred capabilities and equipment. To this end, PPITS has been contracted for multiple years and will continue fully supporting the PAF as a long-term strategic partner, ensuring the highest technical capabilities and the latest equipment. PPITS will also provide its proprietary KIAN MRO (Maintenance Repair and Overhaul) software to ensure the long-term consistency and management of every propeller serviced through its back shop.

A few of the specific capabilities the back shop will have once completed are elements of the complete C-130 Hercules propulsion system. These include hydraulic testing, metallurgical non-destructive testing, propeller blade plating, propeller blade maintenance, and full system assembly and installation. The USAF selected PPITS for its expertise in setting up similar shops for U.S. partner nations across the globe. PPITS has demonstrated tremendous cost efficiency and unmatched training success with the technical knowledge of the C-130 propeller system that is necessary and required. PPITS is known worldwide as the go-to source for large propeller technical services, training, and back shop setup.  The PAF maintenance and repair facility will be staffed primarily by PAF technicians. PPITS will have several representatives and technical experts working alongside PAF technicians, supporting them 24 x 7 for the duration of the contract. This contract is also expected to create new technical jobs and opportunities utilizing the most up-to-date systems and training on the C-130 propeller system.  Historically, the PAF has had limited maintenance capabilities for its C-130 fleet propellers. As a result, the PAF has had limited ability to effectively maintain their C-130 propellers and gain the complete operational cycles typically achieved in situations with sound ongoing maintenance practices and resources. The contract awarded to PPITS will ensure that the challenges seen by PAF in the past are corrected.

PPITS has undertaken similar projects and is ready to get this one launched,” said Rusty Von Querner,
Director of Operations at PPITS. “We have built a strong relationship with the PAF over many years and
understand the PAF’s needs. We also understand the complexities of ensuring this and other back shop
remain current and have developed a long-term sustainability program as part of this effort,” said
George Canovas.

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