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Pacific Propeller International, LLC – Leading and Not Following

March 3, 2022

Kent, WashingtonPacific Propeller International, LLC (PPI) – Standing ready to assist, PPI is poised and actively assisting humanitarian and other efforts in the Ukraine conflict by delivering urgently needed C-130 propellers. The C-130 Hercules is a heavy lift aircraft capable of delivering food, humanitarian and medical supplies in the harshest of conditions and locations. Our products may be only propellers, but our mission is to support our US DOD and its NATO allies.

“Knowing PPI can deliver, we have again been asked to be a close participant in an active conflict. Confidence in PPI’s quality and unsurpassed mission readiness has propelled PPI on to the front lines. Supported by the US government, PPI is addressing the urgent and immediate needs of our allies by returning overhauled propellers to service in as little as two weeks. This is truly a groundbreaking effort and one we take seriously. We have overcome parts shortages and demonstrated to the world that we cannot be stopped. At our core, in our DNA and our corporate mission, we are about Knowledge, Relationships, and Solutions.” Said Jeff Heikke, CEO of Precision Aerospace Products and Pacific Propeller International.

“Our role in this endeavor is to rapidly deploy a critical component of the C-130 Hercules to provide crucial lifesaving and other support to the people of Ukraine and support the mission of our allies. We see a humanitarian catastrophe unfolding, PPI has not missed a beat and has been working around the clock to provide unequaled services in support of this global effort.” Said George Canovas, Corporate CCO and Executive Vice President of PPI-Technical Services.

“PPI has garnered a global reputation as a center of excellence in the world of C-130 propeller repairs and overhauls. Our tradition has always been to overcome adversity and meet challenges head-on. From the operational level, we have bolstered our operations to meet a challenge as we are seeing today. With the addition of new internal engineering support and an eager workforce, we continue to be the best company in the industry.” Said Jared Flynn, General Manager, PPI.

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