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Precision Aerospace Products LLC Makes Organizational Changes to Support Growth Strategy Across All Business Units

Kent, Washington September 28, 2016 – Precision Aerospace Products, LLC (PAP) has made organizational changes to bring focus on expanding core competencies, developing new products and services, and more effectively utilizing people and skills across PAP’s group of five independent business units.

Jeff Heikke, CEO Precision Aerospace Products LLC
Jeff Heikke, CEO
Precision Aerospace Products LLC

Jeff Heikke has been promoted to CEO of Precision Aerospace Products, LLC.

Tim Gellerson has been promoted to President of the Aerospace Group. Tim will continue his direct leadership of two PAP subsidiaries: Pacific Propeller International and C&S Propeller. As the new Group President, Tim will now lead PAP’s global sales and business development team.

Adnan Paruk has been promoted to PAP’s Senior Vice President for Sales, Business Development and Marketing.

Tim Gellerson, President, Aerospace Group Precision Aerospace Products LLC
Tim Gellerson, President, Aerospace Group Precision Aerospace Products LLC

As CEO of Precision Aerospace Products, LLC, Jeff Heikke sees these changes as fundamentally shaping the organization to meet the long term service and support demands of the global markets in which PAP companies operate. “With ambitious growth targets ahead, PAP will focus on leveraging our leadership talent and experience across our five independent business units. Integrated relationships are key to both our company’s success and that of our customers.”

Adnan Paruk, Senior Vice President for Sales, Business Development & Marketing, Precision Aerospace Products LLC
Adnan Paruk, Senior Vice President for Sales, Business Development & Marketing
Precision Aerospace Products LLC

Mr. Heikke is confident the appointments of Tim Gellerson and Adnan Paruk will bring value to all PAP business units and ultimately their global customers. “Tim’s proven record of leadership and operational excellence perfectly complements the goal of the Precision Aerospace Products group: To aggressively grow our military and commercial enterprise. Adnan Paruk gives PAP businesses nearly 30 years of sales and business development experience in international aviation. His background developing and executing global sales strategies across multiple aerospace companies will help the PAP group reach new markets and position for worldwide regional support. Adnan is anchored by a strong and seasoned team as he oversees building a dynamic sales structure to support our ambitious growth plans.”



Based in Kent, Washington Precision Aerospace Products is a holding entity of diverse companies committed to the aerospace and defense industries.

Precision Aerospace Products offers category leading products and technical services along with guidance and expertise to improve military aviation and business readiness; maintain cost efficiencies and enhance business opportunities on a global scale.

With unparalleled business success spanning decades, Precision Aerospace Products delivers results to our global customers, employees and stakeholders.

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