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Stay in touch with all the news and events that happen with Pacific Propellers International. Our team of technicians are ready to help service airplane and propeller parts around the world. From large military planes, to small crop dusters PPI has you covered.

Pacific Propeller International is selected as Dowty Propellers’ Authorized Repair and Overhaul Facility for CASA 212, Jetstream 31, and Metro/Merlin propellers

Gloucester, England – Dowty Propellers today announced an agreement establishing Pacific Propeller International (PPI) as a Dowty authorized repair and overhaul facility for Dowty’s metal-bladed propellers installed on the CASA 212 (R334), Jetstream 31(R333), Merlin (R324) and Metro/Merlin aircraft (R321). Under the terms of this agreement, Dowty Propellers will provide training, technical data, equipment and support…

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Tim Gellerson Title Change

PAP_Gellerson -FINAL 10092019   Servicing, overhauling, and repairing propellers since 1946. PPI is certified by the US Air Force, US Navy, US Coast Guard, US Custom Services, NAMSA/NATO, Spanish Air Force, Royal Malaysian Air Force and the FAA to repair and overhaul the 54H60 propeller system. PPI’s Repair & Return P-3 Propeller Program for the…

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April 9th, 2019 – PACIFIC PROPELLER INTERNATIONAL 2nd Annual Engineering Seminar!

Pacific Propeller International will be hosting its 2nd Annual Engineering Seminar at the Museum of Flight located in Seattle, Washington. The event will take place April 9th, 2019. PPI’s main goal is to identify challenges and solutions associated with maintaining an aging fleet from an engineering and maintenance perspective. We are hoping to bring many…

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UTAS and PPI Reach Landmark MRO Agreement in Support of C-130 and P-3 Propellers

Under the terms of the agreement, Pacific Propeller International will be the primary 54H60 propeller repair/overhaul center worldwide. Kent WA – October 1, 2016 – Pacific Propeller International LLC (PPI), has been designated as the primary repair and overhaul center for the 54H60 propeller system by UTC Aerospace Systems (UTAS). “Being selected by UTAS is a…

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Precision Aerospace Products LLC Makes Organizational Changes to Support Growth Strategy Across All Business Units

Kent, Washington September 28, 2016 – Precision Aerospace Products, LLC (PAP) has made organizational changes to bring focus on expanding core competencies, developing new products and services, and more effectively utilizing people and skills across PAP’s group of five independent business units. Jeff Heikke has been promoted to CEO of Precision Aerospace Products, LLC. Tim Gellerson has…

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